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July 01 2014

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I’d just like to point out I’ve stuffed my face so much in the past three days that I’ve downed almost 55,000 calories… and I’ve gained 25 pounds in 3 weeks. Next goal is 300 pounds

This is. So fucking hot.

March 05 2014

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It is with much regret that I announce the end of this blog. This decision was made based on notices of copyright infringement sent by the tumblr staff, all this pressure is discouraging me. I want to thank everyone who was with me here on the blog since its inception making this page one of the most famous of the genre. the BBW lovers will not stop, just like me.

Thank you and goodbye.

March 04 2014

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Sitting around my apartment naked is my goal for today

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ode to the boy who i was embarrassed to tell when i discovered my love of bellies & feedism. instead of getting weirded out, he posed for these photos with me. :)

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fatty in plaid.

(this shirt used to fit.)

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what a fantastic large smooth round belly

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